Postdoctoral research fellow studying adolescent brain development and the emergence of mental health disorders.

Techniques include surface-based cortical morphometric analyses, diffusion tensor imaging and task and resting-state fMRI analyses with statistics and data presentation conducted in python.

A passionate advocate for replicability and reproducibility in academic work and for the diversification of researchers in science.

Mozilla Fellow for Science (2016-2017).

Founder and lead developer of the STEMM Role Models project, openly developed on GitHub.

Commonwealth Fellowship recipient (2004-2006) and Fulbright Alumna (UC Berkeley: 2007).

An ally to the LGBTQ family and tireless fundraiser for the AIDS/Lifecycle ride.

Secretary of the University of Cambridge Equality and Diversity division’s Women’s Staff Network.

Email: kw401 AT cam DOT ac DOT uk

CV: Whitaker_CV_March2017

Twitter: kirstie_j

Github: KirstieJane

Figshare: KirstieWhitaker

LinkedIn: kirstiewhitaker

AIDS/Lifecycle fundraising page

Meetup Group: Write, Camera, Action Book and Film Club

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