Reproducibility and Replicability

I am extremely passionate about both reproducibility and replicability in neuroimaging. Reproducibility is the ultimate goal, while replicability should be the bare minimum that we demand in the 21st century. To this end I am committed to releasing all the analysis code from my peer reviewed manuscripts. You can find it at my github page. Please do use whatever you find there, and let me know if you think it could be improved.

There is a strong distinction between replicability – which requires that others can recreate exactly what you did with exactly the same dataset – and reproducibility. Reproducibility is the ability to find the same general pattern of results in a different data set. Publishing my code is an important step towards this goal because it allows others to begin to reproduce my results in their own data sets. I strongly encourage collaborations with other MRI researchers who are seeking to answer similar questions about brain development. Findings that appear in both of our cohorts of young participants mean so much more than all the single analysis findings put together.


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